Clinical trial VISIOCYT 1

The clinical trial, VISIOCYT 1, conducted by VitaDX since January 2017, in collaboration with 14 hospitals of excellence, has resulted in the inclusion of 1360 patients. For each patient the ground truth was obtained through an endoscopy and an histological analysis. A first part of the patients were included in a learning database that has allowed the development of the VisioCyt® machine learning algorithms. The second part of the patients were included in a validation database to measure the diagnostic performance of VisioCyt®.

Intermediate results were obtained using "cross-validation" on the learning database.

The cross-validation technique is commonly used to test algorithmic performances during the development phase.

These results led to the publication of two abstracts at the annual congress of the French Association of Urology (AFU) and the Carrefour Pathologie in November 2019. These publications were presented orally by Professor Thierry Lebret, Head of the Urology at the Foch Hospital and former President of the AFU (2016 to 2020) and Doctor Eric Piaton, Pathologist at the Lyon Hospital and member of the Paris System committee (new international terminology for urinary cytology).

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Consult the Urology Congress (AFU) abstract
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